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Malta & Gozo Apartments

Do the math, occasionly a Malta holiday apartment will work out to be cheaper than a Malta hotel. Browse and Book our extensive list of Malta and Gozo holiday apartments in all areas of the Maltese Islands, with a speical focus on St Julians Holiday Apartments and Sliema Holiday Apartments which are both extremely popular tourist destinations.

Malta & Gozo Villas

If on the other hand, you would prefer the peace and quiet of your own Malta Holiday Villa or traditional Gozo Holiday Farmhouse with your own swimming pool then check out our list of Malta and Gozo Holiday Villas.

Swim With Dolphins

Whilst on holiday in Malta, find the time to Swim with a Dolphin. Besides the very popular "Swim  with the Dolphins" programme, other attractions are the dolphin, sealions, seals, and the parrots shows as well as the snakes, tortoises, turtles, lizards and iguanas found in the reptile house.

The Maltese Islands

The MALTESE ISLANDS are Malta, Gozo, Comino, Filfla and Fungus Rock. Only the first three are inhabited, but the other two are well known for their flora and fauna. The main Islands however are MALTA and its sister island, GOZO. Malta is virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa. Population is approximately 400,000, with twice as many (and more) first and second generation Maltese having settled in several areas, notably in the UK, Australia, Canada, United States, Italy and elsewhere. 

Malta is the third most densely populated country in the world. Its natural resources are nearly non existent, except for the famous golden limestone used for our buildings.  We produce only 20% of our food requirements and have no domestic energy sources. The main industries of the Maltese Islands are Tourism, Construction, Agriculture and various small industries.....click for more

Maltese Culture & Heritage

MALTA and GOZO are famous for their ancient history, actually predating history due to the evidence of some colossal and well-preserved stone Temples from prehistoric times, some of these being dated older than the Pyramids of Egypt. But their fame is also due to the Two Great Sieges, one in 1565 when the Turkish Empire with all its might could not conquer little Malta, with its tall bastions, the brave Knights of St John and the local people whose support and determination were crucial; the other momentous event being the 2nd World war (1939 -1942) when Malta's successful stand-off against the aggressive and fearful airplane attacks of the Nazis, contributing in a massive way towards the final armistice, with Malta?s people besieged, hungry but proudly helping the Allies to victory.

Independence within the British Commonwealth came on 21st September 1964.  Malta was declared a Republic on 13th December 1973.

The Maltese Islands are positively mythic with her unique 7,000-year-old cultural and historical heritage, dominated by.

Diving in Malta & Gozo

The Three Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are a scuba diving dream for both Divers and Snorklers alike and has earned them the reputation of being one of the most popular destinations for Scuba Diving in the World.

Diving in Malta is possible practically All Year Round due to the good weather conditions, with water temperatures reaching 26 degrees Celsius in the summer and go down to a minimum of 13 degrees Celsius in the winter. Underwater visibility varies, but is fair to say that visibility is at an average of 30 meters per day.

Malta also holds the reputation of having some of the cleanest waters for diving in the Mediterranean. Being an island, if the seas are rough, there is always a sheltered cove for a good dive....click for more

Churches & Festas in Malta & Gozo

One of the dominating aspects of Malta, which is in itself a tourist attraction, is the Catholic Religion which has succeeded to survive as the religion of the people notwithstanding centuries of domination by different rulers, not all of whom were Catholics. St Paul of Tarsus brought Christianity to Malta as far back as AD 60, having been shipwrecked there in a huge north-easterly storm. According to tradition St Paul was on the way to Rome, under guard, to face trial before the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar for allegedly preaching a "new" religion which went against the Roman beliefs.

The Hundreds of Churches all over Malta and Gozo bear witness to the religiosity of the Maltese, who are proud of their traditions of worship and their celebration of Annual "Festas".  Many of these churches were built stone upon stone, and carved and bedecked by the villagers and townsmen, mostly in their spare time, but with assiduous persistence. Several of the Larger Parish Churches in Towns and Villages have.

Maltese Cuisine

Maltese cuisine is an interesting and unique combination of Italian, Sicilian, African and English ingredients.

Although it may be a tiny island, you can rest assured that all meals are cooked and served with a big heart. Take rabbit (fenek), for instance. One of the most popular, if not the favourite Maltese dish. Such a versatile ingredient for so many different dishes; rabbit with wine and garlic (fenek bit-tewm u bl-inbid), stewed rabbit (stuffat tal-fenek) served with spaghetti, even simply fried rabbit served together with a plate of chips. The Maltese have a huge appreciation for this dish and there are even restaurants that specialise in typical rabbit-based dinners called ‘fenkata’ which includes spaghetti with rabbit that has been lightly browned with garlic and herbs and then simmered for several hours. This is then served in a red wine or a rich tomato sauce with salad or chips on the side. Not forgetting large quantities of crusty Maltese bread (hobz Malti) which has a tasteful fluffy inside needed to soak up the rich sauces....click for more

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Weather in Malta & Gozo

The Weather in Malta can be described as typically Long Hot and Dry Summers, Warm Spring and Autumns, and Short, Cool Winters, with most of the rainfall falling in the months of December through February. Weather conditions are perfect between Easter and Mid-June, that is, if you like warm (not too hot) days and pleasent evenings. During this period beaches are not crowded, and its much easier to find a Central Hotel, Farmhouse or Villa than in the high season of June to September, where availability starts to become a luxury due to the high number of tourists visiting the Maltese Islands during these months. 

Between April and August it rarely rains and the days slowly begin to warm up considerably, month on month, with August being the hottest month of the year. In fact the highest temeprature ever recorded in Malta was in August 1999 when the temperature hit 44*C (111*F) in the shade at Luqa Airport...now that's pretty hot!!

If you are visiting Malta in the Summer Months do not forget your Sunblock...you will definately need it, otherwise you may risk getting sun-burned.

Nightlife in Malta & Gozo

On of the great things about Maltese nightlife and clubbing is it is concentrated in two specific areas that are easily accessible, St. Julians / Paceville area and Qawra / Bugibba area.  

Both Pacevile and Bugibba are lined with bars and clubs actually there is a very fine line between the bars and clubs as both venues play loud music and often many have live Deejays playing through the night entertaining the crowds.  Here one will find a good selection of entertainment area from bars to nightclubs, wine bars and restaurants with a variety of both indoor and out door during the summer months.....click for more

Maltese Folklore

Every country has its own traditions and dances which date back centuries. Malta like all other countries has its own traditional dance. We highly recommend that you find the time to watch a performance by the Daphne Lungaro Folklore Group, possibly coupling this with dinner. Artistic Director Daphne Lungaro A.R.A.D. A.I.S.T.D. formed The Daphne Lungaro Folklore Group in 1975. Since then the Company has worked closely with The Maltese Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Malta Tourism Authority, Air Malta, leading Hotels and Tour Operators and other International Artistic Directors. .....click for more